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Slovenian National Championship

Slovenian National Championship is the most important go event of the year. Though Slovenian Championship has been organized every year since Slovenian Go Association was established in 1968, it was only in 1991 (when Slovenia had become independent state) when this tournament got the status of the national championship. Since then, seven players took the prestigious champion title. Until 2006, only dan level players were allowed to compete in the championship, but now also stronger kyu players can take part.

1996Milan Zakotnik 5dLeon Matoh 5dPeter Gaspari 4d
1997Leon Matoh 5dDušan Jukič 4dMilan Zakotnik 5d
1998Jure Klemenčič 5dAndrej Kralj 3dLeon Matoh 5d
1999Leon Matoh 5dIgor Bizjak 5dDušan Jukič 4d
2000Tamar Čefarin 4dLeon Matoh 5dIgor Bizjak 5d
2001Leon Matoh 5dTamar Čefarin 5dMirko Rupel 4d
2002Goran Šiška 3dGregor Butala 3dLeon Matoh 5d
2003Leon Matoh 5dGregor Butala 4dIgor Bizjak 5d
2004Leon Matoh 5dAndrej Kralj 3dMilan Zakotnik 5d
2005Leon Matoh 5dGregor Butala 4dMirko Rupel 4d
2006Gregor Butala 4dTimotej Šuc 2dMilan Zakotnik 5d
2007Leon Matoh 5dGregor Butala 4dMilan Zakotnik 5d
2008Milan Zakotnik 5dTimotej Šuc 3dAndrej Kralj 3d
2009Gregor Butala 5dMarjan Drobež 2dLeon Matoh 5d
2010Leon Matoh 5dGregor Butala 5dTimotej Šuc 3d


Slovenian Women Championship

Slovenian Women Championship is organized only at times when at least three woman players apply for participation. It is also the only tournament that is restricted only to women.

1996Vida HernausJasna SchatzNives Žvanut
1997Vida HernausVera RupelJasna Schatz
1998Vida HernausVera RupelJasna Schatz
1999Vida Hernaus & Vera Rupel & Jasna Schatz
2008Maja LogarKatja BerčičUrša Pertot


Team Championship of Slovenia

Team Championship of Slovenia has been held every year since 1992. Until 2006 the teams, one from each Slovenian club, consisted of four players and competed in a round-robin league. Since then, the teams have three members, and every club can participate with as many teams as desired.

1996GC Novo mestoGC KranjGC Ljubljana
1997GC Novo mestoGC LjubljanaGC Kranj
1998GC Novo mestoGC LjubljanaGC Kranj
1999GC KranjGC LjubljanaGC Novo mesto
2000GC LjubljanaGC Novo mestoGC Kranj
2001GC Novo mestoGC MariborGC Kranj
2002GC Novo mestoGC MariborGC Ljubljana
2003GC Novo mestoGC KranjGC Ljubljana
2004GC Novo mestoGC KranjGC Maribor
2005GC LjubljanaGC Novo mestoGC Kranj
2006GC LjubljanaGC KranjGC Ljubljana II
2007GC LjubljanaGC Novo mestoGC Kranj & GC Ljubljana II
2008GC LjubljanaGC Novo mestoGC Ljubljana II
2009GC LjubljanaGC KranjGC Maribor
2010GC LjubljanaGC Novo mestoGC Ljubljana II


Slovenian Open (Memorial of Lado Omejc)

Memorial of Lado Omejc, also known as Slovenian Open, is the biggest international tournament in Slovenia and it was (and of course still is) regularly included in the most important European competitions such as European Grand Prix, Toyota Tour and European Cup. It was established in 1988 in memory of Vladimir Omejc, a player from Kranj who was the youngest Slovenian master of that time but passed away unexpectedly. The tournament is traditionally held in the spring in Bled.

1996Alexei Lazarev 6dVictor Bogdanov 5dLeon Matoh 5d
1997Alexei Lazarev 6dMero Csaba 5dVictor Bogdanov 6d
1998Csaba Mero 5dLeszek Soldan 6dRadek Nechanicky 6d
1999Vladimir Danek 6dVictor Bogdanov 6dDmitriy Yatsenko 5d
2000Vladimir Danek 6d & Tibor Pocsai 5dGert Schnider 5d
2001Radek Nechanicky 6dVladimir Danek 6dVictor Bogdanov 6d
2002Radek Nechanicky 6dVladimir Danek 6dJan Hora 5d
2003Leon Matoh 5d & Tibor Pocsai 5dVladimir Danek 6d
2004Tibor Pocsai 6dOndrej Šilt 5dDanek 6d & Nechanicky 6d
2005Tibor Pocsai 6dLeon Matoh 5dGoran Šiška 4d
2006Csaba Mero 6dPal Balogh 6dŠilt 6d & R. Pocsai 4d
2007Ondrej Šilt 6dPal Balogh 6dRadek Nechanicky 6d
2008Pal Balogh 6dOndrej Šilt 6dRadek Nechanicky 6d
2009In-seong Hwang 7d & Ting Li 6dPal Balogh 6d
2010Ondrej Šilt 6dPal Balogh 6dVladimir Danek 5d


Maribor Open

Maribor Open has been held since 1989 and continues the tradition of a former Masters Tournament. The latter was organized by Go Club Maribor from 1984 to 1986 for players from ex-Yugoslavia and was originally established in honor of the club’s anniversary. Nowadays, it is usually organized in the beautiful surroundings of the Pohorje mountain range and attracts a rather strong playing field from Slovenia and abroad.

1996Tamar Čefarin 4dZoran Mutabžija 5dBojan Rojs 4d
1997Leon Matoh 5dTamar Čefarin 4dMilan Zakotnik 5d
1998Eduard Ekart 5dLojze Šuc 4dZoran Mutabžija 5d
1999Leon Matoh 5dIgor Bizjak 5dEduard Ekart 5d
2000Leon Matoh 5dZoran Mutabžija 5dGert Schnider 5d
2001Leon Matoh 5dBojan Rojs 4dGregor Butala 3d
2002Leon Matoh 5dIgor Bizjak 5dMirko Rupel 4d
2003Gregor Butala 4dLeon Matoh 5dMilan Zakotnik 5d
2004Gert Schnider 5dLeon Matoh 5dGregor Butala 4d
2005Leon Matoh 5dGregor Butala 4dFrancesco Marigo 4d
2006Leon Matoh 5dFrancesco Marigo 4dGregor Butala 4d
2007Andrej Kralj 3dLeon Matoh 5d & Gregor Butala 4d
2009Leon Matoh 5dEduard Ekart 5dAndrej Kralj 3d
2010Andrej Kralj 3dLeon Matoh 5dJanez Janža 3d


Ljubljana Open (Gaspari Memorial)

Ljubljana Open was established in 1991 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of founding of Go Club Ljubljana. It used to be a two-day tournament, but since 1994 it is a one-day rapid tournament. To celebrate the memory of late Peter Gaspari, long time president of Ljubljana’s club (and Slovenian Go Association), this event is also called Gaspari Memorial from the year 2004 on.

1991Milan Zakotnik 4dAndrej Kralj 1dZoran Mutabžija 5d
1992Leon Matoh 4dZoran Mutabžija 5dMilan Zakotnik 4d
1993Leon Matoh 5dMilan Zakotnik 4dZoran Černivec 1k
1995Janko Korelc 2dTamar Čefarin 4dPeter Gaspari 4d
1996Leon Matoh 5dLojze Šuc 4dJure Klemenčič 5d
1997Leon Matoh 5dEduard Ekart 5dPeter Gaspari 4d
1998Eduard Ekart 5dZoran Černivec 1dLojze Šuc 4d
1999Andrej Kralj 3dGregor Butala 3dLojze Šuc 4d
2000Eduard Ekart 5dGregor Butala 3dMiran Gorenec 3k
2001Andrej Kralj 3dTimotej Šuc 1kBorut Zaplotnik 1k
2002Andrej Kralj 3dEduard Ekart 5dGregor Butala 3d
2003Gregor Butala 4dEduard Ekart 5dTimotej Šuc 1k
2004Gregor Butala 4dMarjan Drobež 1dGoran Šiška 4d
2005Ruben Belina 1dGregor Butala 4dAndrej Kralj 3d
2006Gregor Butala 4dTimotej Šuc 2dAndrej Kralj 3d
2007Srečo Čamernik 2kGregor Butala 4dRuben Belina 1d
2008Gregor Butala 5dPeter Gaber 2kAndrej Kralj 3d
2009Gregor Butala 5dAndrej Kralj 3dMarjan Drobež 2d
2010Gregor Butala 5dLuka Čamernik 2dMarjan Drobež 2d


Summer Open

Ljubljana’s Summer Open tournament is held since 2001, usually at the end of June or in the beginning of July. It is a rapid handicap tournament.

2001Andrej Kralj 3dJanko Korelc 2dGoran Šiška 2d
2002Andrej Kralj 3dRado Pintar 2dMarjan Drobež 1d
2003Andrej Kralj 3dGregor Butala 4dIgor Nonne 5k
2004Gregor Butala 4dAndrej Kralj 3dTimotej Šuc 1d
2005Marjan Drobež 1dAndrej Kralj 3dGregor Butala 4d
2006Marjan Drobež 2dSandro Poldrugo 3kEduard Ekart 5d
2007Gregor Butala 4dAndrej Kralj 3dTorsten Bringmann 1d
2008Gregor Butala 4dSrečo Čamernik 1kEduard Ekart 5d
2009Gregor Butala 5dTimotej Šuc 3dAndrej Kralj 3d
2010Gregor Butala 5dAndrej Kralj 3dAndrej Koncilja 8k


Ljubljana Oza

Ljubljana Oza is a full year »ladder« tournament, consisting of challenging the players who are positioned higher than oneself (and taking their place in case of eventual win). It concludes with the play-off, which can be either a round-robin league (as in years 2004 and 2005) or a knock-out tournament.

2002Gregor Butala 3d2-0Andrej Kralj 3d
2003Gregor Butala 4d2-0Eduard Ekart 5d
2004Gregor Butala 4d3-0 (league)Eduard Ekart 5d
2005Gregor Butala 4d3-0 (league)Andrej Kralj 3d
2006Gregor Butala 4d2-1Timotej Šuc 2d
2007Gregor Butala 4d2-0Eduard Ekart 5d
2008Gregor Butala 5d2-0Andrej Kralj 3d
2009Andrej Kralj 3d2-0Eduard Ekart 5d



Aki-sen (»the autumn tournament«) was a double-day tournament, organized by Go Club Ljubljana between 2000 and 2003, that was (temporarily?) discontinued because of the lack of funding.

2000Andrej Kralj 3dEduard Ekart 5dLojze Šuc 4d
2001Gregor Butala 3dGoran Šiška 2dJanko Korelc 2d
2002Andrej Kralj 3dGregor Butala 3dMladen Smud 4d
2003Gregor Butala 4dMarjan Drobež 1dEduard Ekart 5d


Other tournaments

There are several other small tournaments in Slovenia, for instance lightning Youth Week tournament in Kranj, St. Nicholas tournament in Maribor or Red Oyster tournament in Škofja loka.



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