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When the stones are put away
And the board is clear again
See, there are no traces left
Of any loss or gain.

In memoriam: Peter Gaspari

Peter Gaspari, one of the pioneers of Slovenian Go and at the same time one of the most prominent persons in the history of this game in our country, has left us after a prolonged illness. It is almost impossible to evaluate his contributions to the development of Go in Slovenia: for over 30 years, he was one of the best players in this area – among others, he won the Slovenian Go Championship three times and Yugoslavian Go Championship in 1980 –, and with his tireless organizational efforts he contributed immensely to the level that Slovenian Go enjoys today.

Peter Gaspari

Peter Gaspari, 4d

He was among those that took part in the establishment of Slovenian Go Association in 1968 and he also served as its president in the years 1976-1985 and 1991-2002. At those times, he successfully tackled many problems the organization was confronted with, but his work was not limited to that. He constantly tried to collect and preserve as much data on the history of Go in Slovenia as he could, whether the results of the past tournaments or the details of various other important events, which would be otherwise forgotten. His fighting spirit, revealed on the board, which could not be guessed from his otherwise very polite and gentle manner, was, however, setting a different kind of good example to many new generations of Go players.

It would be certainly difficult to imagine the last four decades of Slovenian Go without him: he was publishing bulletins, translating publications, arranging various matters and maintaining relations with European and International Go Federation, providing equipment and funds, organizing tournaments and numerous visits of professional Go players to Slovenia, not to mention various administrative tasks – he was always there, helping to the best of his abilities, purely out of his passionate love for this great game, without thoughts of reward or possible praise.

His devotion did not fade until the very end; just like on the board he fought for his life persistently and bravely even when he found himself in a difficult position, and while his body was already weakened with illness, his spirit was still making plans for the future. Even during his last days, he was pleased to hear any news related to Slovenian Go scene.

As the heirs to his legacy, we are left with the memory of the man who dedicated a great part of his life to Go. It is impossible to forget the moments we spent together, joining in the unforgettable clashes of black and white stones; we can not overlook the great things he did for Slovenian Go, though we might had took them for granted at the time.

Peter, we will miss you – not only as the former president or a great player, but as a good friend we all loved and will hold in our hearts forever.

Ljubljana, december 2003

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